Product Review – Banila Co Natural Face BB Cream SPF 31 PA++

Hi ladies!
Today I’m gonna review my current bb cream.

Some people think bb cream is too harsh on my skin, so I have acnes and scars as the result. The truth is, bb cream is my life saviour because those people have never seen my previous face when I was still struggling with hormonal acnes (click here to read my acne story). So I would like to underline here, that bb cream is both beneficial for skincare and makeup. Do not worry to wear bb cream everyday, day to night. It is very safe.

Okay, my current bb cream is from Banila Co. As you probably have known, Banila Co is quite or is really an expensive makeup line. Or am I the only one that thinks Banila Co is expensive? Haha, tell me in the comment below.
This bb cream only has 1 shade which is natural and it matches any skin tone. This is the packaging

Banila Co Natural BB Cream packaging - keikoxoxoOnly available in 1 size : 30ml Continue reading

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Product Review – Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

Hi again,
I guess everybody have watched “You who came from the star”
And who doesn’t love Cheon Song Yi’s lips color?
I guess no one.
Cheon Song Yi is really georgeous with the super matte lip color and Revlon has the similar product if you wanna immitate Cheon Song Yi (☆^ー^☆)

This is the product I said before. Continue reading

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Product Review – Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner #black

Hi pretties,
I am going to review an eyeliner that so many bloggers have reviewed before.
I bought this from Metro department store and it cost Rp 72.000,- for 2,5 ml size. Continue reading

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Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Chucky Wannabe

Hi everybody
I’m really sorry because I’ve been on hiatus for so long.
I was waiting for the result of 2 products on my skin, because my period made my skin worse (‘A`)

So today I am back again with my makeup tutorial. Since this is October, lol
What came to my mind was Chucky because I just watched Annabelle and there are so many hillarious pictures that said Chucky is jealous with Annabelle ( ´∀`) Continue reading

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Product Review NYX Mosaic Powder Blush MPB10

Hi again with another haul from NYX ^_^
Guess what? this is my first blush on ever, it is because of my sensitive skin and acnes >.<

But since makeup is not perfect without blush on. I encouraged myself to try it. Just like the previous post about primer base, I bought NYX products because of the super friendly sales counter.
You know lah what I mean ..haha

Okay, this is the picture of the product

NYX Mosaic Powder - keikoxoxo

Continue reading

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Product Review – NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer Base

Hello gorgeous!

I am back again with my thoughts about NYX Hd Studio Photogenic Primer Base after 1 month using it.
I bought this at NYX counter in Central Park Mall Jakarta because the sales counter talked super friendly.

This is the picture of the product

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer Base -  keikoxoxo


Continue reading

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Photo Session at Leang-Leang Makassar

hi everyone,

Today I wanna share my make up and photoshooting experience.
Actually this is the second time I did this job. I am currently an employee but my passion in makeup really makes me want to do this. And I’m really thankful to all my friends who are supporting me ^_^
Especially the people who always courage, motivate, and read my blog.
Continue reading

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Inspiration from “China Dream Show”

I have been watching “China Dream Show” for about 2 days.

It makes me more optimistic in finding things that I could do. I really like that show, but it usually makes me tear up.

Yesterday I watched a 25 years old girl on the show. She is working in a sales department  of a machine company. She has a 19 years old brother and a father who is suffering from ALS. The illness makes his brain smaller and he can’t move his body.  Continue reading

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H.I.S x KBJ Free Japan Beauty Tour Contest

Hi apakabar semuanya?

Siapa yang pengen liburan gratis ke Jepang?
Bukan cuma pengen yah tapi mau banget >.<
Apalagi buat cewe-cewe yang hobi fashion dan makeup Jepang.

Baru kali ini sy menulis postingan untuk mengadu nasib siapa tahu aja beruntung bisa jalan ke Jepang.

Oia, hampir lupa. Koq bisa ada jalan-jalan gratis ke Jepang?
Jadi ceritanya Kawaii Beauty Japan bekerja sama dengan agensi travel  “H.I.S”  menyediakan paket tur jalan-jalan ke Jepang.

Sedikit penjelasan yah mengenai Kawaii Beauty Japan, Kawaii Beauty Japan adalah sebuah media sosial yang memuat artikel-artikel tentang tips kecantikan Jepang untuk Indonesia. KBJ merekomendasikan kosmetik dari Jepang, sharing tentang diet sehat wanita Jepang, dan lain-lain.
Pokoknya rahasia kecantikan wanita Jepang bisa kamu temukan di Kawaii Beauty Japan.

Sekarang sedikit penjelasan mengenai H.I.S
H.I.S adalah sebuah agent travel yang mendukung kebutuhan perjalanan mulai dari reservasi hingga kembali ke rumah, memiliki keuntungan jaringan global, menawarkan harga terbaik untuk hotel dimanapun dan kapanpun, dan yang tidak kalah pentingnya unggul untuk perjalanan ke Jepang.

Nah ini adalah kesempatan emas buat para blogger yang pengen ikutan tur gratis ke Jepang dengan cara yang sangat mudah yaitu : untuk membuat sebuah blog post tentang mengapa kamu menyukai Jepang dan mengapa kamu ingin sekali ke sana?

**Klik banner di bawah ini untuk info tentang Tokyo Beauty Tour**



Continue reading

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Product Review – Citra Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam AND Moisturizer

Okay ladies, I will continue my review about Citra new product “Citra Korean Pink Orchid”

Citra Korean Pink Orchid

Citra brings you the soft pink glow of Korean Pink Orchids, extracted when the bud blooms into flower and soft pink color softly unfurls in the petals, turning it into a one-of-a-kind beauty. Continue reading

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