Product Review – Missha Near Skin Firming Peptide “Intensive Lifting Serum”

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This is my favorite serum at the moment if you want to know, lol
You don’t have to wait until you’re old to use The Intensive Lifting Serum. As I had many acnes before (click this to read My Acne Story) , I mentioned that my skin has a lot of acne scars. 

When the acnes were gone, they left behind enlarged pores that resulted in scars. Scars are the sign that your derma tissue is damaged. That is why our skin becomes more vulnerable to fine lines or wrinkles. Because of that we need to use moisturizer, serum and any wrinkle or lifting product.
We need extra moisturizer to prevent the wrinkle. (This is what I experience)

I use Intensive Lifting Serum from Missha

Missha Intensive Lifting Serum - keikoxoxo
I guess serum has to be light and transparant, but it’s different with this lifting serum. It has creamy texture like this

Missha Intensive Lifting Serum texture - keikoxoxoMissha Intensive Lifting Serum light texture- keikoxoxo

I have been using this for 2 weeks and I feel it doesn’t worsen my oily skin, and also it doesn’t make me breakout.
So I can say I love this product Facebook Heart Emoticon

I will keep writing my skincare update, so I could tell you how I remove my acne scars.

Missha Near Skin Firming Peptide Intensive Lifting Serum - keikoxoxo

Thank you for reading and see ya Love letter Facebook emoticon

Statement : I bought the product myself. This is purely my opinion after using it.


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