Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Chucky Wannabe

Hi everybody
I’m really sorry because I’ve been on hiatus for so long.
I was waiting for the result of 2 products on my skin, because my period made my skin worse (‘A`)

So today I am back again with my makeup tutorial. Since this is October, lol
What came to my mind was Chucky because I just watched Annabelle and there are so many hillarious pictures that said Chucky is jealous with Annabelle ( ´∀`)

Okay, as always you should make your skin porcelain-ish, so use pale foundation or bb cream, and concealer.

Don’t forget to wear your contact lenses to match your makeup.

First I make my right eye look bruised. I use dark purple eyeshadow around my eye.
and then I apply black eyeliner pencil on my eyelid.
Next, I apply red eyeliner pencil outside the dark purple color. Blend and blend.
The next add dark purple color again. And keep doing this until you get the bruise color.

For the eyebrow, I use red eyeliner pencil like in the picture.

Chucky Makeup Right Eye - keikoxoxo

The next is my left eye, with liquid eyeliner I draw a wing and then put top and bottom eyelashes.
For the eyeshadow I use orange and grey color.

And never forget to to use white eyeshadow on the underline to make your eye look bigger.

Chucky Makeup Left Eye - keikoxoxo


And now for the scars. I use a thick and flexible, kinda rubbery thread.


Don’t use basic sewing thread or wool because the result will not be good.

Thread - keikoxoxo

With liquid eyeliner, I draw my forehead, nose, cheek, and the bottom of my mouth. Next with fake blood, color the eyeliner to make it look real. And then with false eyelashes glue, I stick the thread horizontally to give a sewed impression.

head thread - keikoxoxo


chin thread - keikoxoxo

cheek thread - keikoxoxo

Lastly, wear red lipstick, wig, colored vertical-line top, and a knife as property and I am done.

Chucky Black and White - keikoxoxo

Chucky 1 - keikoxoxo


Chucky 2 - keikoxoxoThe lenses is EOS Rain Shower Grey, I bought from @kawaigankyu in Instagram.

eye thread - keikoxoxo

I did the makeup and all the property I purchased by myself.
Thank you and see ya




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2 Responses to Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Chucky Wannabe

  1. yukiitheo says:

    Aduh keren banget keiko!!
    *__* pretty Chucky
    tp serem bgtt lah pas di zoom in (‘_’)b kerennn

  2. yukiitheo says:

    Reblogged this on yukiitheo and commented:
    Inspirasi buat make up Halloween ^_^

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