Photo Session at Leang-Leang Makassar

hi everyone,

Today I wanna share my make up and photoshooting experience.
Actually this is the second time I did this job. I am currently an employee but my passion in makeup really makes me want to do this. And I’m really thankful to all my friends who are supporting me ^_^
Especially the people who always courage, motivate, and read my blog.

My first job was makeup and hairstyling for a pre-wedding photoshoot. I did it for my coworker. I was paid with lunch and promotion ..lolol

My second job I got from Lotus Photograph who is interested with my natural touch of makeup. I am learning by myself so don’t judge me as the professional one. hehe

Okay, the crew picked me up at 8 AM. We started with taking the property that had been ordered before and then we went to the model’s house. At her house, I did her makeup and hairstyle. While I did the makeup, I never forgot to ask and talk with the model about the color she likes, what color is the clothes, what type of clothes she would wear, and about her personality.

makeup process 1 - keikoxoxo


makeup process 3 - keikoxoxo

makeup process 4 - keikoxoxo


makeup process 5 - keikoxoxo

makeup process 6 - keikoxoxo

makeup process 7 - keikoxoxo

makeup process 8  - keikoxoxo

makeup process 2 - keikoxoxo


makeup process 9 - keikoxoxo

The model brought 1 luggage of clothes and several high heels and flat shoes. And we were ready. It took 1 1/2 hours for all, and at 10.30 AM we started for the photoshoot location “Leang-Leang” Makassar. Leang-leang is really far from the city, we drove through many districts and sub-districts. On the road, we saw paddyfields and they were awesome. We stopped to take pictures of the farmers when they were working and harvesting their crops. Aside from the model, I got some actions on the camera too hahaha..

After we took enough pictures of the paddyfield, we continued our journey. Because we were already outside the city, the road was empty and we felt like we were the only owner of the road. lolol.

We made a stop when we found a good looking river and bridge for a spot. All of us took pictures there, haha, model-mua-and photographer alike.

makeup process 12  - keikoxoxo

This time of the year, the weather is very unpredictable in Indonesia. Sometimes the sun will shine so bright, at other times cloudy, and some other times rain will pour down. We continued our journey to Leang-Leang because the rain was falling. It was my first time visiting Leang-Leang and I was amazed by the view. Every corner is breathtaking and picture-perfect. There were unique prehistorical stones, river, mountains, trees, gardens, huts… all of them are so incredible.

Here I tried to alter the model’s hair a bit because we got bored with the first hairstyle. The model then changed her outfit and I changed her eyeshadow color and thickened the eyeliner because we were going to take a wider range of background and we were using balloons, so I had to make the model’s appearance stood out. Because she has a cute posture and face feature, I decided to change her hairstyle again.

makeup process 10  - keikoxoxo

makeup process 11  - keikoxoxo

The photoshoot took about 5 hours and we really forgot to eat lunch. That is just how amazing Leang-Leang is.

During the photoshooting, as MUA I never stopped giving ideas for the pose so we could take lots of pictures with varied styles and poses. The client, or in this case the model, could pick which pictures she likes among so many choices so our hardwork would satisfy the client.

After 5 hours, we planned on taking pictures in the bamboo forest. The trees were planted neatly and they grow following a pattern in a very wide space. We asked permission from the locals to do the photoshoot. Time flew so fast, the day turned dark and it was time for us to hit the road back to the city again. We made a stop at a restaurant to fill our empty tummies.

I really enjoyed and appreciated this experience. Thank you for everyone and everything!

If you are interested to do make up or photoshoot in Makassar, please feel free to contact me.
Line : keiko_xoxo

Thanks for reading



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  1. yukiitheo says:

    MuA cantik d(^3^)b nanti pasang juga dong hasil foto-fotonya si model

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