Inspiration from “China Dream Show”

I have been watching “China Dream Show” for about 2 days.

It makes me more optimistic in finding things that I could do. I really like that show, but it usually makes me tear up.

Yesterday I watched a 25 years old girl on the show. She is working in a sales department  of a machine company. She has a 19 years old brother and a father who is suffering from ALS. The illness makes his brain smaller and he can’t move his body. 

The girl’s salary is 1600 yuan. And she has to pay 1200 yuan for house-rent. With the remains of her salary, she pays for her brother’s education and provides food for the family. She comes home for 2 hours every afternoon to help move her father from one place to another, because she is worried that her father’s body might stiffen. Luckily she majored in nursing so she could take care of her father.

I am wondering how she could enjoy her life and when the MC asked this on the show, she said that one day when she walked home from work, she saw her brother waiting for her. She told him that she was tired and if he could carry her. Her brother then gave her a piggyback ride to their home. She felt touched because her brother has a small body and has the same height as her, so she thought that her brother didn’t get to eat properly hence didn’t get enough nutrition. She meant to say that even when she feels tired of this kind of life, but having a father and brother makes her feel that it is nice to have your family by your side. She will do everything so her family could be happy and always be together. This girl made all the audience cried. She is really strong.

–You could watch the entire video her in Indonesian subtitle–

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