Product Review – Citra Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam AND Moisturizer

Okay ladies, I will continue my review about Citra new product “Citra Korean Pink Orchid”

Citra Korean Pink Orchid

Citra brings you the soft pink glow of Korean Pink Orchids, extracted when the bud blooms into flower and soft pink color softly unfurls in the petals, turning it into a one-of-a-kind beauty.

This is what is written on the packaging.

As far as I know, skin care which contains pink orchid is still rare to be found. But Citra believes that Pink Orchid is used by Asian girl hereditary. It helps to control the formation of melanin, rich in minerals that are naturally present in the skin such as zinc, magnesium, and copper.

Pink Orchid brings a healthy brightness to your skin, so it looks pinkish and glowing, and not just pale. Pinkish and glowing skin is the sign that you have a healthy bright skin.

Korean Pink Orchid offers facial foam and moisturizer that contain UV protection.

Start with facial foam. The packaging is similar to the average facial foam in the market and the lid is quite tight so it won’t accidentally get squeezed out when you take it for traveling.

Citra Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam

I did a little experiment to see how well the facial foam washes makeup.
I used pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner and wash them with Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam and it cleaned very well.

Citra Korean Pink Orchid Facial Foam

The texture smooth, scents quite strong and the color white pinkish.

Now continue with the moisturizer, I am quite satisfied with the moisturizer which has UVA and UVB protection that help protect skin from sun rays which can cause dark spots and dull skin.

Use twice a day regularly to wash face and get the fair and glowing skin all day long.

The packaging looks cute with plastic cover on it. We could dab it to take a proper amount.

Citra Korean Pink Orchid Moisturizer

This is the texture if you’re curious

Citra Korean Pink Orchid Moisturizer Texture
It is really smooth but the scent is a bit too strong.
And this is the application, as you see, you could use this moisturizer and look fair because it whitens your skin like when you apply compact powder on your skin. But not with cakey look. In the picture I applied the moisturizer just in my half hand and it looked fair.

Citra Korean Pink Orchid Moisturizer Application

If I hadn’t known the price before, I would’ve thought that it must be pricey. But actually, it isn’t pricey at all! We could find it easily in stores with affordable price. These are premium products with cheap price ^_^

This is the price for reference:

8 gr bignose sachet face moisturizer Rp 3.900
20 gr tube face moisturizer Rp 17.200
40gr jar face moisturizer Rp 32.200
50gr facial foam Rp 14.000
100gr facial foam Rp22.600

After 2 weeks using it, I cannot say that I am impressed yet because it hasn’t made obvious difference or improvement for my skin, but I think it’s because it is still too early for it to work its benefit (all skin care needs time to get the result, patience is the key!). At least it doesn’t irritate my skin or make it worse.
You could try it and good luck ^__^

For further information you could access



Statement: I got this product from Citra for reviewing purpose and this is my opinion after using it.


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