Product Review L’OREAL Hairmix Spiral Splendour

Hi everyone
Today I’m gonna tell you what product I use to maintain my digital perm hair.
As you know people who just did perm will use hair mousse product to style the curl but it sometimes makes the hair sticky and looks stiff. We also need serum to keep away the dryness.

This is L’OREAL Hairmix Spiral Splendour which can solve all the problem without consuming your time.

Loreal Hairmix Spiral Splendour

The product size is 150 ml and the price is Rp 189.000,-
The texture is like lotion and has a nice smell

Loreal Hairmix Spiral Splendour result

Its helps moisturize hair and makes it soft. This product is specially made for permed hair.
Note: also help style the curl

How to use:
1) First you have to wash your hair
2) Take a small amount or as you will in your palm
3) Do not comb your hair. Instead, scrunch it
4) Do not worry if your hair looks messy
And you are done 😉
This product is only applied to wet hair!

loreal hairmix spiral splendour - keikoxoxo

And for styling, I comb my top hair, and then divide my hair into 4 sections, spiral them with my finger and roll them in rubber stick. And then I leave them for about 5-10 minutes. Mess your hair with hand a bit. Your locks will stay in good shape as we already applied Hairmix Spiral Splendour before.



Statement : I purchased this product by myself and this is my pure opinion after using it


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