New Hair – My First Experienced of Digital Perm

Hi beauties

New month always means a lot for me. I don’t know why, but I always need something new to do, such as buying new stuffs, new activity, or whatever. So I could mark the month with something new lol.

For June I decided to perm my hair. Of coursed I did research on internet and asked many people about their perm. I also called several salons to ask the price. Actually I was so confused because there are 2 popular types of perming, one is manual perm and the other digital perm.

Manual perm uses heat and digital perm uses electricity. Many bloggers write that manual perm lasts for 2-3 months and digital perm can last longer, about 6-7 months. About the price, for my thick and long hair it cost Rp 1.000.000,- to Rp 2.000.000,- The cost is so damn expensive because actually they cut my hair first, make it layered and less thick.

So in the end I made a reservation at Vivi Salon on Sunday 1st June 2014.

First they washed my hair to reduce the oil on hair. After that they dried my hair.

I will show you my real hair. I have thick hair texture, wave and frizzy. So I did smoothing every year (last on 2011) and then I just tied and braid my hair for almost 2 years.

Before cut and perm

Before cut and perm

Before cut and perm

Before cut and perm

Hair texture

Hair texture

And ce Vivi cut it and this is after the cut.

After cut

After cut

Oyah, my real hair color is deep black but I used Liesle Bubble Foam on May so it is not so black anymore. So they put the curl cream on half of my hair, starting from the middle shaft to bottom. This is the most important part because how long my curl can last depends on this step.

Put some cream

Put some cream

After applying the curl cream, actually they only needed to left it on my hair for 30 minutes, but since it was a bit difficult for my hair to thoroughly absorb the cream, it took almost 2 hours. The next step was to wash the hair. After that, ce Vivi used 2 types of roll to roll my hair into several sections, roll size number 16 and 22. She said that small size can make my perm last longer but as per my request, I dislike small curl, she used the big size on the front hair.

DSC02418After that, they connected wires to the edge of the rolls and it took 1 hour. I felt a little hot although they covered my ear and side face with towel already. DSC02436 DSC02428   DSC02431 DSC02430 While I was “wired”, my friends took many pictures of my hair from the back ..lolol DSC02429DSC02433 DSC02435 We did our hair together, 2 of them did hair cut and 1 person did hair spa because she did digital perm already on December 2013.

After hair cut

My friend after hair cut

My friend after hair cut and styling

My friend after hair cut and styling

She did digital perm on December 2013 in another salon and last till now

She did digital perm on December 2013 in another salon and last till now

And after the machine “beep beep”-ed several times, they put netral liquid on my hair (still rolled). Left it for about 20 minutes and then they opened all the rolls. This is my hair after that (from back)DSC02437 And then hair washing time


The next step was to put hair serum and using funneled hair dryer, they half-dried my hair. Tada \(^ ^)/ This is my new hair


And from front


For the digital perm and cut, I paid Rp 1.000.000,- And also I bought Loreal Hair Mix Spiral Splendour to maintain my perm (Rp 189.000,-)

This is my hair after 1 week  (a little bit loose and I use castor oil, virgin olive oil and sunflower oil after shampooing yesterday.



Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Salon Location:


Salon and Cosmetic

Jl.S.Pareman No.59

Telp.0411-5388883/ 081242883333




Statement : I paid the digital perm by myself.


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  1. yukiitheo says:

    cakep loh foto paling terakhir *0* membuat saya pingin balik keriting lagi seperti dulu XD

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