Product Review Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #2 Mocha

Hi ladies ( ´∀`)
I think I can’t stand with only 1 style of makeup look for a long time. Recently I learned to do makeup that makes my face look younger so I decided to copy a Japanese girl look.
I chose Tsubasa Masuwaka’s look.

Yep, who doesn’t know Tsubasa? Raise your hand and google it yourself, haha

Tsubasa Masuwaka is the icon of Japanese gyaru. She is already 29 years old mom with 1 son. She has her own brand of make up called Candy Doll as well as a similar line that focuses more on false eyelashes called Dolly Wink. She has also released a line of circle lenses, called Bambi Princess Mimi.
And this is Tsubasa Masuwaka


Credit : Google

Can you believe she is a mother of 1 son?

I believe that the small thing that can change my whole face is the eyebrow because eyebrow is our face’s frame. I have tried Korean straight eyebrow and arched eyebrow but it doesn’t change a lot (it changes but not so much)
And then I found this secret to make it even perfect. Haha
That is eyebrow mascara. I really didn’t know how to use it since I usually just put mascara on my lashes and I was worried my eyebrow will look thick, and messy.
But this product is just awesome, OMG, I am falling in love. You just need to brush your eyebrow’s hair with the comb move and voila it turns so smooth and blonde-ish.
Oyeah, my hair color is deep black but I don’t look weird.

There are 3 shades : #1 Milk Tea, #2 Mocha, #3 Cocoa. It comes from the lightest to the darkest shades.
Mine is #2 mocha.

If you’re still worried that you will look a little bit strange with light colored eyebrow, you can choose number #3 cocoa.
It depends on your
Ok this is the product I told you before

Eyebrow Mascara #2 Mocha

Eyebrow Mascara #2 Mocha

And this is the swatch

dolly wink eyebrow mascara #2 mocha swatch - keikoxoxo
And this is how I look like for daily makeup

Sorry wih my red eye T_T

Sorry wih my red eye T_T . Note: I just applied on my right eyebrow to show you the before-after application >.< it is  fuller and lighter

How do you think?
With the lightest eyebrow color, you could appear younger.
And the product is really easy to use so you could use it every day even for last minute make up.
Ps. If you have thick eyebrow shape already, you don’t need anything else. Just brush it with Dolly Wink Mascara Eyebrow

Where to buy?
– Kay Collection in Jakarta
– Watson, Sasa in Singapore or Malaysia



Statement : This is my pure opinion after using it and I purchased it myself


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  1. yukiitheo says:

    Keren loh, hasilnya keliatan natural ^w^

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