My Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Hi again,
I don’t know why I am so busy and lazy lately. haha
I wanna go for vacation again, more more.
I recently went to Kuala Lumpur with my sister. It was our first time seeing Malaysia. We bought cheap Air Asia ticket since January and we stayed there for 3 nights (May, 2nd 2014 – May, 5th 2014)
Because the weather had been really bad recently, I still wondered why the sun shone so bright since the morning of our departure day. But when we reached Hasanudin International airport, it started to rain heavily, which caused us to arrive at LCCT at almost 10 PM and yeah, the immigration was so crowded (I guest we were in queue for more than 1 hour). We finally reached our hotel at 11.15 PM. Hoaaammmm (´_`)

We had already booked our hotel in Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang.
After reaching the hotel we went out to Seven Eleven to buy mineral water. Oh, yeah I will tell a little about our hotel. We stayed in Cube Hotel which is a really small hotel but the hotel was chosen as the winner in 2011 for the best hotel from tripadvisor. Cheap, small, and comfortable. We got access to free wifi, Air Conditioner, hot water and clean towel.

We just need to walk 200 meters to the jalan imbi and that is close to Berjaya Times Square and Imbi Stesen.
I suggest you to stay there if you have tight budget as mine. But never walk to opposite way from jalan Imbi (right from the hotel’s door) because the road is so quite and we met berandalan (#+_+) who was an Indian guy.

The second day is crowded Saturday, we went out at 8.30 and stopped the taxi to go to Petaling. This was our first time to ride a taxi and I asked about the address first and how much it cost. The driver was an Indian guy and he said he knew the address and he was using meter. And then we agreed and took the taxi. On the road he asked me if I came from China and I said yes. And then he asked again if I could call the address because he actually did not know the address. He started to make me feel worried and then I called the marketing of the school that I wanted to visit and she talked to the driver in Malaysian Language because the driver said he couldn’t talk in English well. He took us around the Petaling area and always stopped in front of Giant. So I said I wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and also I pointed at the mall. He agreed but then he took us to a place that seemed to be nowhere. I started to get angry and then I told him to stop at the road near the mall. And I paid RM 41. Shit taxi driver!!!!! I should have just paid RM 23 – RM 27 but he pretended not to understand our word. How rude. Never take Indian taxi again >.<
I met the person I wanted to talk to and then shopped in Sunway Pyramid. We went to Sephora, Sasa, Daiso, Diva, etc.

sunway pyramid shopping mallsunway pray
And after we got tired, we asked the mall security the option to get Bukit Bintang, he was an Indian guy and he was super duper polite and smart. He explained 3 options to us and took us to a taxi stand and spoke to the driver to drive us safely.
You see Indian guy is not always bad.

And we went around Bukit Bintang but because I got tired easily, when we just reached Berjaya Times Square, I really wanted to reach the 10th floor but I was out of energy and in the end only got to the 4th floor.
We bought clothes of course.
And back to the hotel.

I was so tired because I was so angry with the Indian driver. #sigh

The next day as always we started to went out at 8.30 AM. We decided to walk to KLCC Suria with Waze Application on hand. lol
I know this trip is just for mall only. We decided to go to as many place as we could. But because the road was so damn long, we couldn’t reach KLCC. And I don’t know why I always met people who looked at me from head to toe, what’s your problem people? I think I didn’t look terrible >.<

random pics
We finally reached Pavillion and ate in Madam kwan’s to try nasi lemak and cendol. OMG @_@ I want to eat it again, nasi lemak!

nasi lemak

We bought accessories and vintage stuffs for ole-ole and we went again to another mall, we went to Lot 10 and again we ran out of energy. I don’t know why I was so weak. I will never be able to travel like a backpacker if I only have this little energy.
Oh, yeah. Because there was a construction going on, we couldn’t see the road clearly and then we got loss. We walked to Sungei Wang as Waze app told us but I didn’t reach Sungei Wang until we gave up and bought chocolates in Chocolate Shop beside the road and asked the direction from the shop keeper.
We finally found BB Plaza and just knew BB Plaza, Metro and Sungei Wang (All joined into 1 big building)

We bought clothes again and actually I like Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Pyramid, and Pavillion more.
And then we went back to hotel because our shopping bag was so heavy. After that we went again to Berjaya Times Square to complete my desire to reach the 10th floor and we ate in toast box. haha

okay, this is my cosmetic haul in Kuala Lumpur


I do love Sasa and Watson. I bought so many items from them

And these are just some pictures I took in my short trip.

Keiko-KL Trip

Next time I will go to Malaysia and go around to see the city landmark, Melaka, Penang, etc.

Considering we only did shopping, 2 days full was enough lah ^_^

Note: I bought ringgit 2 times; the first currency was IDR 3.475 and second was IDR 3.580




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2 Responses to My Trip to Kuala Lumpur

  1. yukiitheo says:

    Oh dlmnya Sunway Pyramid spt pyramid atapnya wkwkkwkw
    ko gak nulis2 jg itu yg prayer for mh370?

    • Keiko says:

      haha, iyo ..
      pas naik eskalator gtu baru sy perhatikan makax ku-captured sj ..wkwk

      Tidak ada mi kertas kosong ..hanya untuk dibaca ji itu ..kasihannya eh sy baca kata2nya mereka T_T

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