Traveling to Bandung City

Hiiiiiiii again

I travelled to Bandung city last March (March, 28th – March, 31th 2014) and I still miss the trip T_T
Becox we cannot directly fly from Makassar to Bandung, we took a flight to Jakarta first and then by Cipaganti Travel shuttle bus we took 6 hours trip to Bandung. I was so damn tired and also our bus stopped across the hotel -_-
We needed 8 hours to reached Bandung, hahaha
I arrived at 8 PM, luckily I could have a shower and slept longer than Batch 2 team.

This was our company outing so we went to Bandung separately. I was in Batch 1 team, here are my travel mates. Yeah, I was the only girl. Believe me we are sistersss >.<


And when we reached Pasteur Hotel, never forget to snap travelling ootd, I slept while waiting for my room mate in Batch 2 team. They arrived at the hotel at 4 AM, hoaaaammmm.

First destination was Tangkuban Parahu
Here are the photos, I looked whiter here ^^ The place was so cool.

Tangkuban Parahu_keikoxoxo

And then lunch time in Saung Balibu restaurant.

We only ate vegetables -__-” hehe, and 1 pc of chicken, came late so I didn’t snap the picture.

scenery of bandung_keikoxoxo

After that we went to Floating Market, here are again our pics. I took so many selca with Catherine ^^

Floating Market Lembang_keikoxoxo

But sadly rain suddenly fell and I caught a cold. I just sat watching my friends choosing clothes in Rumah Mode Factory Outlet >.<

and then we went to the next destination “Cihampelas Road” woowww, so many jeans, cheap jeans. But it was already dark so we couldn’t snap a picture and just ate and ate.

We went to so many destinations in a day so we got back to hotel and got rest.

We had our energy charged and then we went to Gedung Sate. We were so shameless and took so many pictures. My friend even danced with the pengamen on the road.hahah

gedungsate 1_keikoxoxo


gedungsate 2_keikoxoxo

And then we moved to Kartika Sari to buy snack khas Bandung.

After that we went for lunch in Ampera restaurant and moved on to Cibaduyut to see shoes ^_^

So many cheap shoes and hats in Cibaduyut, Bandung people is so damn creative ..

And that was our last destination, we then went back to Jakarta so we can stayed one night in Jakarta before going back to Makassar.

I separated with my group when I reached Jakarta to meet my beloved friend ^^ We ate at Han Gang Restaurant in Bay Walk Mall.


I want to go travelling again -_-” Very short but very impressive




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2 Responses to Traveling to Bandung City

  1. yukiitheo says:

    wiii cantiknya itu floating market *_*
    kenapa kalian anarki skali di itu pintu gerbang hahahhahahahahahhaha

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