Product Review Innisfree Shadow Pencil


It’s me again with product review. I must say this is a very
late post because as you can see below, the eyeshadow pencil
that I want to review have been used so many times, lol

I have to say that I really love this eyeshadow pencil,
because first there are so many colors >.<
It’s too pricey so I cannot buy them all. I bought 2 times,
first time I just bought gold and peach color because I need
to make an aegyo sal ^_^ Korean girls always use white color
to make aegyo sal but I found that gold and peach aegyo sal
can make me look sexy. lolol
The second time, because I was very impressed, I decided to buy the blue one. And I got impressed twice =^_^=

This is the picture of Innisfree Eyeshadow Pencil

keikoxoxo_review_innisfree_shadow pencil 1

And this is the color swap

keikoxoxo_review_innisfree_shadow pencil 2

One thing you have to know that this is a waterproof
eyeshadow, see I rub it with water

keikoxoxo_review_innisfree_shadow pencil 3

And I rub again with soap, very waterproof yah ..Don’t
worry you can clean it with make up remover ^^

keikoxoxo_review_innisfree_shadow pencil 4

Girls with oily eyelid will love this very much, believe me
^_^ oyah, this is auto eye shadow so you don’t need a pencil
sharpener, hihi

Thanks for reading, see ya!



Statement : I purchased the product by myself


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One Response to Product Review Innisfree Shadow Pencil

  1. yukiitheo says:

    wogh *_* cantik kayaknya ini

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