Absconding Reality GIVEAWAY + MAKEUP CHALLENGE: Bohemian

Hello everybody (^▽^)
Today I am going to post about my submission for Absconding Reality Giveaway and Make Up Challenge. You all should join this challenge, for the rules please read Priskilla Gita Lesmana Blog

bohemian giveaway+makeup challenge


What will you get? ONE winner will get:



FOR 100% FREE*

Professional MUA by: Mukti Lim

Avante Beauty Studio

I want to join this giveaway after reading Shanty Huang’s blog. She is really pretty in bohemian look and it makes me curious to make this look also >.<
Yeah, the theme is “Bohemian Look”

From Priskilla’s blog, bohemian girl is described as a free young hearted Artist who loves to travel and enjoy life.
This part is really interesting as I’m starting to love traveling (´∇ノ`*)ノ and I want to be carefree also *(*´∀`*)☆

Now who inspired me for this look?

She is Lana Del Rey (´ε` )♡ I love her so much because she is always being herself and appears just as she is. Because of that, she has her own charisma which makes develop a crush for her.

I have to say thank you to my friend Yukii who makes me very interested in Lana Del Rey.

Here is the step by step pictures of my eyebrow, eye makeup and contour.




Eye Make

keikoxoxo_bohemian_nose contour

Nose Contour

And this is my selca. What do you think of my Bohemian Look? Does it come close?

Have I really grasped bohemian concept?

I also added some mystic touches with a butterfly tattoo on my
neck, hihi.

For lips I used orange + pink lipstick.

For eyebrow I made it thick and dark brown, because I have a wide gap between my eye and eyebrow.

For eyes I drew thick dark winged eyeliner and also fake crease to make it look deep.






Thank you for reading and good luck to everybody who is joining this giveaway ♡^▽^♡



Statement : I did my own make up and purchased all the stuff by myself


About Keiko

I run a clothing shop Visit my store at www.shopee.co.id/keikoxoxo For Order : (BB PIN : 544C77DE) (Email : keikoxoxo@yahoo.com) (SMS : (+62)81242282378) (LINE : keiko_xoxo) Based in Indonesia
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15 Responses to Absconding Reality GIVEAWAY + MAKEUP CHALLENGE: Bohemian

  1. yukiitheo says:

    aduh cantiknya!!!!! 0(/////////)o

  2. Toffy says:

    Wow! You look so pretty… A total bohemian look👌👌

  3. epic van says:

    kakoooiiiiii keiko-san…

  4. epic van says:

    ganbatteeeeeeeeeeee inke-saaann…

  5. clara says:

    cantiknya dirimu… kerennnnnnnn….

  6. bamboo says:

    Pretty…. especially the second one and third one.

  7. vina says:

    fake creasenya mantap banget, kayak asli!! :twothumbsup:
    overall makeupnya jg baguuuus. keren 😀


  8. mardina says:

    Cantiiiiiiikkkkkkkk!!! Lgsg bebean liat nya ❤
    The last picture is super adorable! ❤

  9. yellis says:

    cantiknyaaaaaaa, kayak barbie 🙂
    good job Inke and i hope u win. 😀

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