Product Review Innisfree Yummy Collagen with Jeju Soybean

This was October haul, and I made repeated order
several times. So this is quite a long-term collagen drinking experience from Innisfree.
When I first thought of Collagen, what crossed my mind was something, made from whatever, that would make me
younger. Which means, my skin will look less dull, it will
tighten my pore, lift my skin and etc.
Innisfree offers collagen with soybean. As you
know Innisfree has a soybean-product line, I use the neck cream and it is so good. I don’t have any idea that my neck is
really smooth, white, and tight.

I even use soybean neck cream on the back of my hand and I am really impressed with the result (so much better than hand cream)

But this neck cream is really expensive so to use it on hands is rather over the top.

Here is Innisfree Yummy Collagen with Jeju Soybean.

yummy collagen with soybeanyummy collagen with soybean detailyummy collagen with soybean instruction

This product doesn’t have any roman letters.
So you can only look at the usage illustration.

You can drink it directly, with water, or milk ^_^
I prefer to drink it with water. It is too thick to drink it directly, so I prefer to dissolve it in mineral water first.
Here is the step by step to pour the collagen into

yummy collagen with soybean 1

yummy collagen with soybean 2

yummy collagen with soybean 3


yummy collagen with soybean 4

yummy collagen with soybean 5

the color looks like tea with a deeper shade of brown. The taste is sweet and easy to drink of course. Do
not contain sugar or any sea ingredient (I am allergic with
fish, clam, shrimp, crabs and their kinds). Generally, collagen products contain substances that I’m allergic to.
But Innisfree products are totally safe to consume.
The result after I drank it, I somehow felt brighter than before and my acne scars became less visible. One thing I am very sure about is that the area of my
scars is reduced.

October 2013

October 2013 (before)

after drink yummy collagen innisfree

March 2014 (after)

I love Innisfree Yummy Collagen with Soybean

yummy collagen with soybean - keiko

1 box contains 7 sachets

I drank it everyday and then I stopped for 1 week and drank it everyday again.

I drink whenever I feel that I need it. Because this is for our
skin vitality O(≧∇≦)O



Statement : this is the photo of my face and I bought this product on my own and also the review is purely my own


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11 Responses to Product Review Innisfree Yummy Collagen with Jeju Soybean

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  2. vina says:

    whoaaa sungguh menggoda *_*


  3. cathherine says:

    wah beli dmn nih cc ?

    • Keiko says:

      Sy ada olshop jg Cath ^_^
      Glamourstairway Shop ada link di sidebar kanan blog ..

      Menjual sambil mengkonsumsi juga ..hihi

      Thanks dah mampir ><

    • Keiko says:

      Iya ..mantap bgt;)
      Untung sy foto sebelum minum ..jd iseng2 mau liat udah ada hasil belum, coba foto lagi kmaren dan ternyata berubah banyak ..

      Thanks dah mampir ^_^

  4. Xiao Vee says:

    Woww.. so cool ^^
    jadi pengen cobain jd 😀

  5. Keiko says:

    Collagenx dr jeju sis ..
    sy kurang tahu halal gak tp ingredientx tertulis semua bahanx herbal ^^

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