Product Review Etude Surprise Concealer Kit #1 Flaw Coverage

Hi again beauties 😀

I was so lazy to write a review but since I have bought so many products, so I have to review it. At least my blog posting is like my cosmetic and skincare diary(・∀・)
Today I will review my current concealer. Okay this is the picture 

etude surprise concealer kit #1 flaw coverage

This concealer has 2 shades for each product.


The light and dark shades.

etude surprise concealer kit swatch

Also there are 2 types :

#1 Flaw Coverage

#2 Dark Circle Brightening

I chose number #1 Flaw Coverage

etude concealer kit detail

Let see the step by step I am using it

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

I use this concealer in 2 ways. I don’t know if anyone else use it the same way that I use this product. You can use your finger and shadow brush. But I prefer to use brush.

1st way:

I use bb cream, then I apply light shade on my pore and
blemish, and then use powder.

2nd way:

Before use bb cream, I apply the dark shade on my pore and
blemish. Then I continue with bb cream, after that I use
powder, I continue with light shade of concealer using brush
again and the last I use powder again. This concealer goes smooth on your skin and do not look cakey even after powder.
That’s why I am falling for this concealer so much.
The product is really affordable with amazing result. It conceals all blemish and pores very well, and pssstt I apply the light shade on my eyebag to cover my dark circle also.

This is very safe for sensitive skin and my acnes. This is why I recommend this product very much.

Statement: I bought this product and this is my opinion after using it.




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6 Responses to Product Review Etude Surprise Concealer Kit #1 Flaw Coverage

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  2. Vani Sagita says:

    Wah ini liat review semuanya pada bilang bagus dan difoto pun keliatan flawless gitu ya ilang jerawatnya.. Ini tapi daya tahannya gimana, Kei?

    • Keiko says:

      Iya Vani, concealer ini bener2 bs diandalkan dan murah meriah lagi ..
      Klo daya tahan ngikut ke bb cream dan bedak kita ..
      Klo sy perhatiin, jerawatx ttp tertutup selama bb cream dan bedak gak luntur ..Jadi sebelum muka penuh minyak, sy dah pake kertas minyak ..hehe

      Thanks yah Vani dah mampir ^__^

  3. yukiitheo says:

    udah pakai dan memang bagus banget ^0^/

    • Keiko says:

      Kmaren sy cari review mu ini buat sy link tp sdh tdk ditemukan postinganmu ..hehe
      Bagus skli dan tdk bikin jerawatan ..


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