Visualkei Inspired – Anime Eye Makeup 3 Tutorial

Hi guys this is me again ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Since 2 weeks ago I have been falling in love with Visualkei Kouki ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
He is a youtuber. He is pretty and handsome at the same time.
Visualkei or ヴィジュアル系 is J-Rock band which always use heavy make up and dramatic hair style. The members of visualkei are boys and just a minor girl. Visualkei’s fans are always girls.haha
Because I decided to be a fan of Visualkei, I then make this make up tutorial. I don’t mean my make up is Visualkei’s style but mine is a bit similar with anime look. I am sorry because I am not an expert (*´・v・)

Okay let’s get started:

1) Wash your face and then use basic make up start from : moisturizer, bb cream, concealer, and powder

2)tuto 1tuto2 Cover your eyebrow with concealer ..Remember to use very thick concealer and draw high eyebrow with red eyeshadow (in the end bold with black liquid eyeliner)

3) tuto3-keiko anime 3Color the inner side of brow with orange eyeshadow, hold your brush in circular motion. This helps make your browbone look higher.


4) tuto4-keiko anime 3Fill your eyelid with black cream eyeliner and pull a straight wing. Draw under eye with black liquid eyeliner. Give a little gap for eyeshadow.


5) tuto5-keiko anime 3Draw also your the inner corner of your eye a bit longer than the actual length.


6) Mix hot pink, light purple and chocolate and color under of the eye close to the corner (give eye enlargement effect)

7) tuto6draw some lines like on the picture at the crease and below eyes.



tuto78) using top eyelashes (optional) and done



Here is the pictures I take with MyVisualkei Makeup

visualkei keiko 1

visualkei keiko 2

visualkei keiko 3

visualkei keiko 4

visualkei keiko 5

Bonus =^_^= I just tried to learn photoshop. Changed BG made me depressed, lol

visualkei keiko 6

Thank you for visiting


Statement : I do my own make up. I purchased the cosmetic and wig by my own.


About Keiko

I run a clothing shop Visit my store at For Order : (BB PIN : 544C77DE) (Email : (SMS : (+62)81242282378) (LINE : keiko_xoxo) Based in Indonesia
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4 Responses to Visualkei Inspired – Anime Eye Makeup 3 Tutorial

  1. your so pretty! great job 🙂 Love the eye makeup

  2. yukiitheo says:

    wih hahaha lucunya yang edit bg XD
    btw cocok skl make upnya dengan leather jacketnya (b^3^)b very good~

    • Keiko says:

      wkwk ..
      sy pake paint mksdx ksh hitam BG nya ..malah krn rambut pinggir hitam juga warnax, akhirx mataku sebelah jadi hitam semua ..wkwk
      terhubung ..wkwk
      hahaha, sy suka liat leather jacketx jadi beli tp setelah itu agak bingung pake di mana krn Makassar panas terusss T_T

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