Review L’OREAL Aminexil Advanced (For Hair Loss Problem)

Hi what’s up??
I am not well ㅠ.ㅠ
But I still hope you’re all well ヽ(;▽;)ノ
I am suffering from hairfall and you know my scalp even has a barren spot 。゜(`Д´)゜。

Here is the picture

keiko loreal aminexil 1

Please don’t think that my age is around 40. I am in my 20ies but I kena hairfall – hair loss problem. Why?? Why why must me??
Because of that, I can’t do anything to my hair.
I am scared to tie my hair tightly, I am scared to do chemical treatment such as curling and smoothing, and I am scared to style my hair.
So, for frizzy-messy-lion hair type like mine this is a real hell.
From my previous post, you must think I have many wigs ..haha, yeah this is all because my hair loss problem.
But keep calm and think clearly, why this happens to such young girl like me L(・o・)」
stress?? Junk food?? Pollution?? Shampoo? Genetic??
Mine is stress,haha
This is dangerous years because I can be stressed out without even realizing it.
So I took a very wise decision to cut my hair (━┳━ _ ━┳━) I really love my long hair but I had to say good bye.
When I was in salon, the owner who cut my hair said (she had the same problem because of pregnancy and she even has the same hair type like me (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I am not alone,haha) I have to try aminexil from Loreal because it works on her and her hair is growing now.
I bought it of course because I am vulnerable to promotion words (lololol). The staffs at the salon also said very very harsh words “ya ampun, baru dipegang rambutnya rontok banyak, yang bagian ini bahkan botak ⊙︿⊙”
They broke my heartbroken heart   , haha


Okay I didn’t capture my front hair before using aminexil , I started to capture my self after 3 times using.
Here are the pictures with date. Go see by yourself.
keiko loreal aminexil 4keiko loreal aminexil 3keiko loreal aminexil 2Can you see any different? I can’t!!!

Aminexil is hair tonic roll-on which is used after washing your hair and drying it. Split your hair with comb and roll on your scalp. And then message dilligently while praying “please grow up, I beg you, I need you
1 box of aminexil just provides 10 tiny bottles and 1 cap shaped like roll-on

DSC02028Loreal AminexilAminexil
And the price? This is seriously very expensive and do nothing to solve my problem.
The price is IDR 560.000
I am really grateful because I did not buy the bigger box with 48 bottles inside (the price is around IDR 2.000.000)
The conclusion is, don’t buy it if you don’t have excessive amount of money ..But I am not suggesting that this product won’t work on you because the result might be different for each people. So if you have extra money to spend, you can try this product.
To be continued in the future post, I will share to you about what I do to solve my problem ..haha



Statement : I bought this product at local salon and this product review is purely my own opinion after using it.


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11 Responses to Review L’OREAL Aminexil Advanced (For Hair Loss Problem)

  1. yukiitheo says:

    wahahahhha sy tdk melihat perubahan sama sekali xD hahahahhaha

  2. imelda says:

    i can totally relate with your story. cobain pake shampoo krestase yang bain pervention say. Aku juga rontok banget, tapi setelah pake ini rontoknya berkurang. terus aku juga coba konsultasi ke dokter di Erha Klinik, trus di kasih obat untuk diminum, shampoo, dll. Menurut ku sih obat nya ngaruh tapi bikin mual. Aku juga pernah baca kalo aminexil emang bagus buat rambut rontok, tapi yang keluaran krestase. dulu pernah ingin nyobain tapi harganya muahal bgt. jadinya mikir 2 kali. btw, I think you did the right thing by cutting your hair. tetap semangat ya!

    • Keiko says:

      Wahhh ..kerastase gak sanggup sy ..
      Erha byk iklanx untuk hair loss sy liat, tapi takut jg klo ganti2 shampoo ..

      Pake minyak kemiri sy skg ..back to nature dulu ..haha

      Thank you yah say ..
      Hikzz, gunting rambut bkn sedih ..

  3. yumie says:

    Coba cari produk di fb : Hair Pit Stop , banyak yg lebih bagus dr kerastase jg lebih murah.

  4. we have same problem, aaarrghhhhh~~`
    kyak prof nih rambut kanan kiri nyaris pitak 😛

  5. francesabreu says:

    Aminexil is, in my opinion, useless. I’ve used it for 5 weeks straight, daily. I have not seen a change in my hair. If anything, my hair is falling out even more now. This product is a rip-off

    • Keiko says:

      I still can’t find which product is good because my hair keep falling but now is better ..I use Qiara shampoo now and Lolane conditioner.

      Thanks for passing by 🙂

  6. Mohini says:

    Plz suggests me may i bring or nt.i am suffering from dry scalpe &broken hair.

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