Home Skincare : Minimize Oil (Cabbage Juice)

What I hate most about my skin is because it is very oily. Oil makes my skin look dull. That also can cause enlarged pores and sebum. In this condition, makeup cannot go well.
So today’s post is how to deal with excessive sebum and greasy face.

First we need ice pack to tighten the pore.
Eat nuts to improve oil-moisture balance (sadly I am allergic with nuts)
Basic skin care like Jeju Volcanic Mask from Innisfree, facial foam for oily skin, and gel type moisturizer, don’t forget toner to remove dirt on skin.

Having cabbage juice is helpful in minimizing oil.
The Cabbage I mentioned is the purple color one like this picture.

Purple Cabbage (Kol Merah)

Purple Cabbage (Kol Merah)

I can’t find it in traditional market near my house in this city so I went to Hero Supermarket.
It’s a little bit pricey as the price is Rp 39.190,- for 1 cabbage (forgot how much it weighed).
Peel it like this

You can add water and mix it with blender or just like me without water and use this kind of blender (blender with residue)

And the result is soft purple juice. I made 2 glasses

Focus on the juice color

Because this is a very natural homemade juice, you can take it daily or once to twice a week (consider about the price also, lolol)
It can help to minimize oil so why don’t you try?



Statement : this photo is taken by me. The information I got is from a Korean friend which is not bad to try. Just need to be patient to get the result. If you want to post on your blog or share it, please credit to my blog. Thank you πŸ˜‰


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  1. yukiitheo says:

    penampakannya setelah dijus cantik loh *_* tp rasanya ugh hegh hoekkk ya? wkwkwkkwk

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