Product Review Ciracle Radiance Whitening Essence

Again, here is my skincare routine product review. I really hate freckles and dark spot which are caused by humongous acnes. So after I have finished using Lioele Whitening Ampoule, I have been using Ciracle Radiance Whitening Essence. In my previous post about Ciracle Shiny BB Cream, I explained how I got interested with Ciracle’s products. Ciracle comes from Vitamin C as its main ingredient and the word “Miracle”. So let’s try.
So here is the product I mentioned

DSC01517As you can see I label the box with 20/8/2013, that means I started using it since August, 20th 2013.. I just really want to give you all a more detailed imformation on my experiment.
I use this as my morning skincare routine before bb cream because bb cream can help improve this essence on my skin. Originally I have to use day and night but I have lots of products in the night so yeah morning is enough to see the result.
After i opened the box, you can see a big white bottle which is really sweet I think

DSC01518It contains 40 ml (twice than lioele whitening ampoule)
You can go to their website at

DSC01520Time to see the texture, the texture is quite impressive because it is like lotion.

DSC01521The result after 2 months of using is some freckles disappeared and I can use this even on my bad skin day. I am quite happy to use this essence and there is still much left even after 2 months of usage.

The scent : like calm powder. I don’t smell any fragrance

1. Smooth texture and calm my redness
2. Do not make me irritate even in my bad skin day
3. The bottle is really big and hygienic
4. Contains vitamin C
5. Easy to absorb

1. This is really expensive, lol
2. Do not work 100% for all my freckles and dark spot
3. You can’t find in Indonesia, you can try PO from Korea

Okay that’s all my opinion.



Statement : I bought this product on my own and this review is purely my opinion after using it.


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2 Responses to Product Review Ciracle Radiance Whitening Essence

  1. SuperDiana says:

    I was planning to get this one but I think it might not work for my super dark spots. Thanks for this review! πŸ™‚

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