Product Review Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Powder

Hey girls^^

Let’s talk about my opinion on this face powder. Oh, yeah you already know that I’m a girl with acne problem, so i can’t just use any compact powder. And besides, my face is really oily so I’ve been struggling for years to find the most suitable powder for my skin.

For every day make up I’m using this powder from Missha and the product claims itself that it can control oily face.
So let’s start with the product picture

Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Powder

Missha The Style Art Designing Sebum Cut Powder

It has soft blue packaging and I think it’s really elegant and promising.

And when you open the box, you can find free mini sponge which I don’t use because I use powder brush for powder application.

I opened the cover and look at 4 holes, from where the powder comes out. Actually it had a lid, but I have opened it. So don’t worry if you order this powder and the box turned upside down, the powder will not spill before you open the lid.


The color is just 1 shade and it is transparent so it makes your skin look whiter.

Available only 1 shade

Available only 1 shade

Scent :
It contains a bit fragrance but not strong. Yeah, I believe there isn’t any cosmetic without fragrance except the herbal one.

Like :
1. It has white texture that makes me whiter >.< I’m fan of pale skin
2. Does not irritate my skin. I have been using it for almost 2 months.
3. Lasts for 4 hours (more long lasting than Innisfree No Sebum Powder)
5. Quite cheap because the jar is quite big (about 12 gr)

Dislike :
1. I need more powerful oil control powder (8 hours I think, lolol)

Okay that’s all my opinion.



Statement : I bought this product on my own and this review is purely my opinion after using it.


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