Product Review Missha Firming Eye Patch

Hi ladies

Do you use eye patch frequently?? What is this actually?
One of my favourite Eye Patch comes from Missha. It is actually because this is the cheapest eye patch ever. The function is firming your eyes to prevent wrinkle.
And I will show you another reason.

Why do I need to use eye patch when I’m already using eye cream for day and night?
Yes, the answer is because the eye patch works faster and relaxes my eye bags in just 20 minutes. It is exactly the same reason why we need to use face mask sheet^^

The eye patch is sold per patch, it means just 1 pair inside the pack.

Missha Firming Eye Patch

Missha Firming Eye Patch

You see the shape is really suitable to any type of eyes, it covers around your bottom eyes.


The product is covered by plastic layer, and if I pull it up ….You see the jelly surface which can relax your eye bags (this is another reason). The jelly side is the one that sticks to your skin


And this is how to use the eye patch.


The bad thing about this product is that it is so thick that it feels like something is glued onto my face.




Statement : this is the photo of my face and I bought this product on my own and also the review is purely my own



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2 Responses to Product Review Missha Firming Eye Patch

  1. shanti says:

    I use eye patch firming mask and I have doubt do I need to wash off after 30 minutes. Pls reply. Thanks

    • Keiko says:

      hi Shanti
      sorry for late reply >.<
      you don't need to wash, and you could continue with skin care (if use in the night) or continue with makeup (if use before going out in the morning)

      Thanks for reading ^_^

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