Product Review A’PIEU Moisture Pore Cover Balm

How are you doing ladies? I’m back again back with my product review, this is actually a product I bought by mistake since I meant to buy A’PIEU Magic Pore Cover Balm but A’PIEU Moisture Pore Cover Balm arrived at my home
I really hate my large pores so I decided to choose this kind of product, however it’s so difficult to find review about A’PIEU product but because this is from the same company with Missha, I dare myself to try.

Okay actually I found 1 blog that writes about this product and I forget the link. After I have fully understood this product, I decided to try it on my face.
First try, I put it after my daily bb cream and I didn’t feel any different. Still the same look, the same oily skin.
The second try, I put it after my daily serum on my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead and then I got this conclusion.
This balm is actually the first layer that make my skin look flawless, because it is transparent, it doesn’t help with oil control and has low coverage. It is like using powder on top of bare skin. If you want to achieve a very natural look, this product is a match for you.

This is the product that I said

A'Pieu Moisture Pore Cover Balm

A’Pieu Moisture Pore Cover Balm

After I opened the cap you can see a little spoon on the transparent lid that helps to keep the product hygienic after opening.

Pinky cream^_^

Pink cream^_^

It has pink color and thick texture and calm powder scent

Use spoon!

Use spoon!

More pictures to see the texture


This is what I meant with first layer, you can see my bare face which is not flawless, full with scars, redness, and big pores

Bare Face of Mine!

Bare Face of Mine!

And this is after using with my sponge, can you notice any different? I sure can! It really helps to reduce all my skin problem. And also my skin is not oily after using and it (the texture I mean) is also of course suitable for dry skin (because the moisturizing function)

After using A'Pieu Moisture Pore Cover Balm

After using A’Pieu Moisture Pore Cover Balm

This is my cheek detail, you can see somehow translucent powder is covering my skin

My cheek after using A'Pieu Pore Cover Balm

My cheek after using A’Pieu Pore Cover Balm

Overall I love this product, it doesn’t break my skin out and also I can use as my first layer. About oil control, it doesn’t give any help. The coverage is medium so if you have dry skin, this product is best for you. Give it a try!
Note : A’PIEU Magic Pore Cover Balm is the one that can control extra sebum (oil) on your face

go to this link to read about A’PIEU Magic Pore Cover Balm



Statement : this is the photo of my face and I bought this product on my own and also the review is purely my own opinion


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