Product Review Ciracle Shiny BB Cream SPF 21 + whitening + wrinkle

Hi beauties^_^
This summer is extremely hot right? And I hate sunburn. As you know people with sensitive skin type like me is really vulnerable to sunburn. So I have been searching online about how to further protect my skin and also to make some improvement to my skin. People around me already said that my skin is very fair now and if I don’t wear any make up, I look like a ghost, lolol

That’s maybe because my eyebrow is really short #nerd

One of BB Cream that got my attention is from Ciracle brand, all of their products’ main ingredient is Vitamin C. I am talking about Shiny BB Cream now. Bright, shiny, white ^_^ sounds good. This BB Cream is multi functional BB Cream with Whitening, wrinkle care, and 21 PA++ SPF sunscreen function. It is suitable for all skin type so I dare to try. I also didn’t do any pre-test in small area on my face, I just apply it all over my face before going to office so I can blog about this bb cream through my personal experience. It doesn’t make my skin break out and irritate!

This is the look of the BB CreamCiracle Shiny BB Cream

Ciracle Shiny BB Cream

The biggest reason I want to try this bb cream because as you’ve seen from the pictureProduct Explanation

Product Explanation

 it is said “Want to have more perfect, healthier skin than your bare skin itself? Experience all-day natural Nude Radiance”
This sentences seduced me well,kkk

And These sentences are the only English writing, besides that all is written in Korean DSC00922

When I opened the jar, there is an aluminium sheet covering the mouth of the jar DSC00923

This is the texture, and sadly no more option. Just one shade available. The texture I think is similar with missha M perfect bb cream.DSC00925

After I smeared it on my hand, the basic color is pinky beige and not as white as missha M perfect cover bb cream. DSC00926

This is the picture of when I applied it on my face

My (keiko) bare face now

My (keiko) bare face now

disgusting large pores, and acne scars show up

And this is when I applied it all over my cheek, it reduces redness and dark spot, and also large pores. But I find that it is a bit oily on my face My face after using ciracle shiny bb cream

My face after using ciracle shiny bb cream

Don’t worry because after using powder, the skin is not oily anymore. I applied it in the morning at 6 AM and after 3 hours my skin looked oily buttttI have to say that it lasted really good because my powder didn’t clot. so I just need to use my blotting paper and my skin looked fresh again.

Take a note that this is a really expensive bb cream, I purchased it for around $40 or so (almost Rp 500.000). But because the main ingredient is from Vitamin C so maybe I would like to purchase again. Or maybe I will be interested in another bb cream, who knows?? lolol




Statement : this is the photo of my face and I bought this product on my own and also the review is purely my own opinion


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2 Responses to Product Review Ciracle Shiny BB Cream SPF 21 + whitening + wrinkle

  1. 恵美 says:

    Thanks for the review, I love BB cream ^^ Never tried this one before but looks interesting ^^

    恵美より ♥

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