Product Review Missha Moist24 Manuka Honey Hand Cream

Hi, here I will talk again about wrinkles, kkk
Please do not get bored from this^^
As I mentioned in my previous post about the possibility of wrinkles area, I already showed you how I prevent wrinkles on my neck, so now I will show how I prevent wrinkles on my hands.

This is hand cream that is a must have item in your cosmetic bag, in your desk, in your room, and in your vehicle. haha
Take this hand cream every where so you can use it any time you need, hands do everything for us and they get dry easily. My hands feel like the skin is being stretched whenever I use the hand soap at office, or detergent to wash clothes, or even when I’m in an air-conditioned room for more than 2 hours, and also when I’m handling money (btw I am allergic to dust which makes my hand reddish and itchy especially when I’m holding money)
**why money?? I love money but it makes me allergic

I don’t know the exact reason but the paper (money) is really dirty (hand to hand) haha
I am suffering from being a very sensitive person

This is the awesome product that I have been using for years

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

And this is the texture

No sticky and really soft texture

No sticky and really soft texture

Light, cream, absorbs fast, and stays long.
Love this product very much and you must have this product also because my allergic is gone after using this (maybe the manuka honey ingredient calm the inflammation)



Statement : I bought this product on my own and this review is purely my opinion after using it.


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