Product Review Etude House MiniMe SHINEE’S Be My Princess Collection Perfumed Mist (Body&Hair)

Hey, how are you doing? Have you purchased Etude House Body and Hair perfumed mist SHINEE’s limited edition??
I know this is a very late post since I purchased this perfume last month and it was launched about a couple months ago, kkk

SHINEE is a R&B boy group under the management of SM Entertainment and now endorse well known brand Korean cosmetic Etude House. Nah this product is actually endorsed by each member Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin.
1) Ms. Holic as Jonghyun
2) Ms. Bloom as Minho
3) Ms. Sunshine as Taemin
4) Ms. Jealous as Onew
5) Ms. Bling as Key

MineMe Shinee

MineMe Shinee

At first I want to purchase all of them, but in the end I just purchased Ms. Bling because Key is my bias ^_^

Ms. Bling has floral scent which I love so much. I spray it to my cloth this morning and as the result, the scent is still on my cloth this evening. Very charming smell and still reminds me to comfortable cool Key, lolol

Here is the picture

Ms. Bling

Ms. Bling

this is the head of the perfume, it has a hole and when I opened the box, there is a dust plug glasses shape.

I plugged into the head

cute glasses

cute glasses

And also I can plug it to my android, very cute

can be used as dust plug on my android

can be used as dust plug on my android

The perfume cap is very cute also, and it is quite heavy compared to its body part

big head lol

big head lol

This is the detail of the product, you can spray it to your body and hair



Of course different type you choose, different dust plug shape you get ^_^

5 varians

5 varians

And the last, Key’s signature ^_& cuteee

Key Shinee signature

Key Shinee signature



Statement : I bought this product on my own and this review is purely my opinion after using it.


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6 Responses to Product Review Etude House MiniMe SHINEE’S Be My Princess Collection Perfumed Mist (Body&Hair)

  1. yukiitheo says:

    kyoptaaaa~! o__o pengen yg Jjonghyun!

  2. Song Euncha says:

    Wah, kebetulan lagi pengen beli minime perfume ini. cuma bingung mau pilih scent yang mana. Bias saya sih Key, cuma kayanya tertarik sama scent-nya Taemin.
    eh, tapi yang Key ini kalo boleh tau lebih spesifik scent-nya kaya bunga apa yaa? terus aromanya relaxing apa cheering apa gmna gitu?
    maaf yaa banyak tanya.
    Gomawo sebelumnya 😉

    • Keiko says:

      -_-” ini udah sy replied koq gak ada skg ..
      maap yah Euncha-ssi^^
      km pilih scent yg ini gak bakalan nyesal beneran, wangix calm ..bunga apa yah, sy kurang tahu jg jenis2 bunga ..wangix kyk parfum mahal pkkx pdhl murah meriah ..kkk
      thanks dah mampir ^_^

  3. Monika says:

    Awww how cute I have all 5 I haven’t used them at all yet. I got them for my birthday. They do smell great.

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