Product Review Etude House Oil Clear Pact

How are you girls?? How was your day?? Have you ever faced a problem when you want to meet up with someone or attend event etc and your skin looks dull because of the oil on your face? I have experienced much of this and I lost my confidence, and also felt so heavy. Because of that I always bring Clean&Clear blotting paper in my bag but guess what, there is time I couldn’t even use my blotting paper because I felt that my hand was so dirty and couldn’t find a sink to wash my hand.
This is my clean&clear blotting paper

Clean&Clear blotting paper

Clean&Clear blotting paper

Now I don’t have any worry because Etude House, my favourite Korean cosmetic brand ever, produces products like this. This is Oil Clear Pact (read:blotting paper)

Etude Oil Clear Pact

Etude Oil Clear Pact

This product comes with shape like compact powder and also has sponge in it. wooowww, amazingly the sponge has a really rare texture also, and when I touched it, it really felt durable (because sponges are usually easily broken, but this one is kinda rubbery). Another thing, below the sponge there is a glue to stick the blotting paper. So I mean, I can use this blotting paper without touching it with my dirty hand.

Touch Touch without feeling dirty

Touch Touch without feeling dirty

Use the sponge like you use your compact powder and tap tap to absorb the oil over your face.

Tap Tap Tap it has mirror^_^

Tap Tap Tap it has mirror^_^

Do not worry about the sponge, the sponge is made by strong rubber and it doesn’t torn easily.

Throw out the paper after use

Throw out the paper after used

Another thing that makes me love this product so much is it has pink and white color. Make me feel so much feminime, lolol

Really easy right? and so much help^__^

Please stay follow my blog to see what’s on my make up bag inside=^_^=

Thank you for reading and byeeeee



Statement : this is the photo of my face and I bought this product on my own and also the review is purely my own opinion.


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8 Responses to Product Review Etude House Oil Clear Pact

  1. June says:

    I think it’s a great idea that the oil sheet sticks to the sponge! ^__^ It looks way better than actually tapping your face with the sheet alone, imo. xD

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    – A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  2. yukiitheo says:

    a very good product! =O that way the blotting paper stays clean! ^^ I always use hand sanitizer before using my blotting paper lolol

  3. hoppershake says:

    How innovative! Thanks for the review, Keiko 🙂

  4. aznlilchika says:

    did your compact come with the sticker already open? or was there some kind of paper that was blocking it from sticking to the oil paper in the first placE?

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