Product Review Innisfree Red Ginseng Mask

Hi everyone,

Red Ginseng Mask; This nutrition mask targets dry and dull skin and provide radiance to your skin with a-rich 6 year red ginseng nutrient treatment.

That’s why I was sure to buy this product after reading the product explanation, first because all of the Innisfree products react well on my skin, other because I have dull skin because of terrible scars. Oh yeah, the very first time I showed up my bare face in this blog is after I used so many kinds of treatment from Korean skin care so I couldn’t compare my skin before and after. The mirror and my friends are my life witnesses (lol lol) I don’t have dry skin, I have super oily sensitive skin. But why do I dare to use dry skin product? Because so far as I’ve experienced, Korean product is really safe for me, except for peach sake line from The Skin Food and Gyeol Whitening Emulsion from Tony Moly. The important thing is to know what your skin need and what is suitable for it. And still 6 year old red ginseng sounds very good.

Okay I will show you Innisfree Red Ginseng Mask


100ml Red Ginseng Mask

100ml Red Ginseng Mask

The texture is really sticky and after applying, your skin will feel greasy and you’ll need so much water to wash it clean. But why is it good?? Because after cleaning this mask from my face, my skin feel alive again, really fresh, and also I find that this mask reduces my dull skin. I still have dark spot and redness on my face but without dull looking skin, our skin looked bright than before.

This is the texture, very thick and sticky

Sticky texture

Sticky texture

Product explanation

Product explanation

Worth to try, even f I don’t know how to make sure that is really a 6 year old red ginseng and I don’t have any knowledge about red ginseng but it is natural since it does not make my skin allergic.

Have a nice day!



Statement : I bought this product on my own and this review is purely my opinion after using it.


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2 Responses to Product Review Innisfree Red Ginseng Mask

  1. yukiitheo says:

    Ooh sy pernah baca juga soal manfaat 6 year old Korean ginseng untuk kulit d( ^3^ )b bagus sekali katanya

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