Product Review Innisfree Canola Honey Pack & Cream

Hi everyone. I guess this is a really late review since the product I’m about to review is nearly out of stock.

You can’t doubt that honey has a lot of benefits, whether as antioxidant or antibacterial. Honey is safe to apply on skin as a daily basis. It has a long list of health benefits , and practically no side effects, so you can use it without any worries. Honey also works as an excellent moisturizer, and in addition it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Daily application of honey is an excellent way to keep your skin soft, supple, and clean. Honey will minimize the chances of skin infections, and sometimes can even help cure a skin infections, as long as the infections is not too serious.

If you frequently suffer from pimples, application of honey can help minimize or even prevent infection and the scarring that result from the infections.

This is Canola Honey Pack & Cream, from the nature of Jeju island which presents the benefit of honey. Canola is the name of a flower from which the honey was taken.

Canola Honey Pack & Cream

Canola Honey Pack & Cream

Now I will show you the texture of Canola Honey

Similar and even same with honey

Similar and even same with honey

Actually it is really similar to honey which I bought from supermarket but this is a really good product because first you can use this for 3 kinds of treatment, as a cream, as a mask, and as a sleeping pack. Awesome right? The smell is also similar to natural honey. I also tried to taste it and they are also the same >.<

Don’t hesitate any longer, if you really have sensitive and even troubled skin you can use canola honey without any worries.



Statement : I bought this product on my own and this review is purely my opinion after using it.


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2 Responses to Product Review Innisfree Canola Honey Pack & Cream

  1. yukiitheo says:

    you even tried to taste it? o.O how is the taste?

  2. Keiko says:

    It was sweet^^
    I really tasted it cause curious

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