Product Review Innisfree Almond Sugar Scrub

Today I’m going to review a product from Innisfree Brand.
First I will tell my short research about Almonds of which I was afraid before because I thought that it was some kind of nuts. I have always thought that I have an allergy to peanuts. But I’m sure that certain foods can’t be blamed for acne. Because according to acne websites, there is no scientific proof that unhealthy food can cause your skin to breakout. Still, there are specific healthy foods, including almonds, that have healthy benefit for your skin and can help prevent or even reduce acne.
Almonds contain Vitamin E which helps to protect your cells against free radicals. Pollution and harmfull bacteria are examples of free radicals. Free radicals combined with the natural sebaceous oils produced from your pores, can result in pimples, blackheads, and even white heads. Antioxidant-rich foods like almonds help keep free radicals at bay.

Now, why must we do scrub??
Exfoliating facial scrub is one of the best ways to improve the function of the skin.
The Benefits:
1. Removal of the dead cells.
2. Increase the circulation and blood flow
3. Nourish the live cells and keep skin youthful without clogged pores which cause pimples and attribute to wrinkles

This is the picture of Almond Sugar Scrub which I have been talking about


When you open the jar you can see the plastic lid. The texture is really light which is the same as porridge, lol
And then you can smell a hint of herbal fragrance. As seen in the pictures there is something like almond ^^

Plastic Lid to protect

Plastic Lid to protect

Could you see the almond?

Could you see the almond?

The product’s explanation :
“This hypeallergic scrub exfoliates unnecessary dead skin cells with almond and sugar”

You can see my left and right cheeks which has large pores caused by acnes. I will get rid of them with Almond Sugar Scrub and will update this entry after 1-2 months.

Left Cheek

Left Cheek

Right Cheek

Right Cheek

Directions :
After cleansing and before wiping off water from your face, apply an appropriate amount and massage for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
(Use 1-2 times per week)

Me and Almond Sugar Scrub

Me and Almond Sugar Scrub

Massage for about 2-3 minutes

Massage for about 2-3 minutes

PS. When applied to my skin, I felt something spicy touching my skin and after that it calmed down

Update soon!

Good luck to me



Statement : this is the photo of my face and this product review is purely my own opinion.


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3 Responses to Product Review Innisfree Almond Sugar Scrub

  1. yukiitheo says:

    looking forward to the update! ^^

  2. hoppershake says:

    I’ve used nearly the entire jar without knowing this product’s worth. Now I’m scouring the internet looking for others’ opinion of this scrub because it worked wonders on me today. Curious how it’s going for you. Can’t wait for your update!

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