My 24th Birthday

Althought my birthday was last month but I will still write about it so I can read it again when I become old woman,haha

I realized that I’m not a 20-year-old anymore and I’m much older now.
I didn’t celebrate my birthday because I’m not used to it.
I will just wait 1 of my bestie from Pinrang to come to Makassar and hang out together to eat and watch movies.
The happiest thing about my birthday is just when my family and friends remember that day.
And the proof that people remember is when they congratulate me.
I will show off a little of what my beloved people gave to me as presents.

First present is from Toffy, my friend from India.
Undoubtedly I nearly cried because the present really describes my favorite thing and also Toffy’s favorite thing, what more the present really fits me. I have no idea how she knows my size, we never even meet each other.
This was the present, The super sexy pump shoes arrived early before my birthday. Touched!

Sexy Pump Shoes
Birthday Card
14 cm pump
Second I received a book from my sister. Actually she wanted to buy me a dress or something but I said wanted a book and this was the present I chose myself, here is “Cleopatra“. I am so curious about this beautiful queen of Egypt. Thank you sister to let me choose my own present ^^ Simple!
Third I received this card from Veni’s instagram. You know that was cute and creative. Since we are not in the same city but she still remembered to bought a card and wrote it so cutely and even published it on her instagram. Creative!
Fourth I received this shirt from my bestie (sher, yuki, and tj) + yuki’s bf. I was so impressed by this shirt, how could they bought something I was about to buy. This was just in my mind and you guys read my mind. Genius!
After receiving them, I felt so touched, simple, creative even genius things and I am so blessed to have you all in my life. Really!!!
And then I am still waiting for my salary day to treat you to eat. haha
Really sorry for the very late treat, I just didn’t have enough money because I already spent it in orphanage on my birthday.

Flying kiss




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2 Responses to My 24th Birthday

  1. yukiitheo says:

    ( ^__^ ) So many presents! ❤

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