Bassang (Makassar Traditional Food)

The best thing I could do when I am so bored and not expecting to do anything else except sleeping and watching Korama is to learn how to cook.
The reason why I decide to learn are that I am a girl, and I need to eat in order to survive in this cruel world.
Luckily  my bestie’s mother gave me a hand.

When I went out with Yliz to Djuku Restaurant at Wisma Kalla, I had a very difficult time to choose what to eat.
I will explain why. First, “djuku” Makassar traditional language which means “fish”. Secondly, I am allergic to any kind of seafood.
Buddha bless me, I still can eat chicken!
And then I read “bassang” on the menu.
Do you know what bassang is??
Bassang is Makassar traditional food that is actually a corn porridge.
Actually people in Makassar used to eat bassang for breakfast but I didn’t have any choice that time. So I said I wanted to order that in luxurious restaurant.
After saying that, Yliz said to me “Do you like bassang??, Do you want to eat it here??”
I said “yes”
She smiled and said, “wow what a coincedence. This Saturday my mom will make bassang to show Makassar food to my bf. Do you want join us?”
She continued, “you can learn, you can eat, and I can introduce you to my bf”
I said “yes, I love to eat and will write about itbon my blog”lol
And then I still wanted to order bassang at djuku.
Yliz smirked at me and said “Do you want to eat twice? They have chicken, you order chicken hainan, chicken rice
And this was what I ordered, Hainan Chicken Rice but they made the chicken to look like a “fish”
What a djuku style!!!


On Saturday, I came as fast as I could, at 8:30 AM already in Yliz’s kitchen.
And then Yliz’s mother gave me a tip:
you have to choose clean white corn but you need to wash it again.


All we need are:
1. White sweat corn (you can see the picture above)
2. Pandan leaves (screwpine leaves)
3. Coconut milk (santan) ( you should make santan by yourself, buy shredded coconut and press it with water to get the santan)
4. Salt
5. And sugar

First we made the santan, pour clean water into the shredded coconut and press it by hand.


You get the white liquid like this for the first santan.


Take another bowl and pour clean water again into that shredded coconut again and press it by hand, this time you get the second santan.

Make sure to boil the white corn the night before until it is mushy enough.
How to:
Put in Pandan leaves (3 leaves) with corn. Add water until it reaches the same height as the corn. Boil them.


Now we boil the white corn again with that pandan leaves and the second santan.
Remember, don’t use santan too much, and add 1 spoon of salt and 5 – 10 spoons of sugar as you wish. Continue stirring until boiling.


When the santan is beginning to reduce, pour in the first santan. Don’t get the corn drowned, keep it at sight.


You don’t want to drink santan, right?
stir some more until boiling, this will take some time. Taste a little of the corn, if it is mushy then it is ready to serve.
I didn’t take the picture of the result because I ate like a greedy hobo.

2 days later Yliz’s mother sent me 1/2 litres white corn to self-practice at home (thank you very much aunty, you’re jjang) and ta~da this is what my bassang look


Too much santan but still proud.




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  1. yukiitheo says:

    *______* omo..looks so delicious!

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