Bibimbap Cooking Time

I wanted to post this 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t have the right mood to do it then .. So now, here we are …

What I will post today is about homemade Bibimbap (this is also a homemade dish in Korea)

But this bibimbap is served by our special Indonesian chef in her kitchen ..

My experience of making bibimbap started with the arrival of my friend, Yliz, back to Indonesia 2 weeks ago to celebrate Chinese New Year ..

She is going to stay in the city for the whole month ..

Yeppy, she called me and invited me to lunch at her home ..

Of course I couldn’t have refused that kind of invitation, Kkk

Ps: only a few people know that I’m gembul

While she was cooking, I was busy taking pictures in her kitchen ..Actually I wanted to take pictures of food and the chef.. But the chef seemed like she wasn’t ready yet ..

So here are the ingredients for making Bibimbap :

First, you can see there are many carrots, sprouts, radishes, cucumbers, porks, onions, olive oil, and the secret sauce (from Korea) ..

kimchi increases the risk of gastric cancer, particularly among people with certain genetic traits

carrot, sprout, radish, cucumber, pork, egg(if you wish), onion

Chili Pepper Paste

Chili Pepper Paste

Ps: You can find them at Hero supermarket

There is no exact amount of each ingredients ..(lol) Yliz said just to use your feeling XD

2) Fry carrot ..and other ingredients one by one ..Then put all of them on 1 side above the rice



So you can see they are placed separately ..

Placed separately

Placed separately

Add 2 spoons of chili pepper paste on the dish

Last, cook a semi-fried egg and put it on top of everything else

(But I prefer not using egg, cause my allergy)

Bibimbap with egg

Bibimbap with egg

Take a big spoon and mix them all fiercely ..

Now the food is ready to be served ~~

Bibimbap ready to be served

Bibimbap ready to be served

Familiar to me as I love Korean drama

Warning!Try this recipe when you’re super hungry ..

Truly after that

Thank you Yliz, muaaaccch  ❥❥❥ from here

Double thanks for the gift ❤❤❤ I love the color

Sephora lipstick

Sephora lipstick

Special thanks to Yuki ♥  for grammatical correction

I hope my international friend read this XD *poke Toffy




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2 Responses to Bibimbap Cooking Time

  1. yukiitheo says:

    hahahahah next time cook some for us XD We would like to try Inke’s bibimbap too! 😀

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